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THE OSCARS: Aloxxi Artistic Director Reviews Red Carpet Haircolor

Anne Moratto | February 27, 2013 | 11:33 AM

THE OSCARS: Aloxxi Artistic Director Reviews Red Carpet HaircolorThere was something for everyone on the 2013 Oscars Red Carpet, whether you were looking at the hair, the haircolor, the makeup, the fashion or all of it at once.  Candace Bossendorfer, Aloxxi Artistic Advisor, paid close attention to the haircolor and shares these takeaway talking points PLUS the Aloxxi color personality that could be used to achieve these stunning, starlet shades:








THE OSCARS: Aloxxi Artistic Director Reviews Red Carpet HaircolorJessica Chastain: Loved her total look. It was glamorous, feminine, classic. I could debate a red tone until next year’s Oscars. What I love about this red is if you look close enough like us hair junkies do, you will find that she has several coppers, golds and natural tones that cast a dimensional tone. Coppers are the hardest to keep in the hair and the hardest to take out, that is why they are constantly changing. Coppers are few and far between that's why we love seeing Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman and Jessica Chastain in these shades rather than blond.





 THE OSCARS: Aloxxi Artistic Director Reviews Red Carpet HaircolorAmy Adams: I was taken back to the fall 2013 runway where hair color trended towards "natural tones". Her color was beautiful, subtle dusty blond color – Aloxxi Color Personality Mona Lisa’s Smile. But I am a big fan of hair color because it was created to add more color to hair and it tames unruly texture. While the runway sets the pace I prefer to see a bit more color in Amy’s hair. I think she would look gorgeous as Don't Prosciutto The Messenger which is a Level 8, Light Copper Blond.THE OSCARS: Aloxxi Artistic Director Reviews Red Carpet Haircolor






 Reese Witherspoon: She had on her best blond at The Oscars – Andiamo Let's go Platinum! It was beautiful, bright and dimensional. Most blonde's would not have an issue with a hairdresser showing them a picture of Reese and saying "I think this would be a great color blond for you."

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