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The Military Rockabilly: THE Men’s Look for Spring 2013

Ivan Zoot | February 28, 2013 | 9:43 AM

The Military Rockabilly: THE Men’s Look for Spring 2013This guy’s look is hot right now and is to be THE men’s look for Spring 2013.  I have seen a few different names for it on the web, but David Alexander of American haircuts in midtown, Atlanta, GA has christened it the Military Rockabilly.  Dave’s work is featured in the image included with this posting.  Thank you, Dave.

The Military Rockabilly: THE Men’s Look for Spring 2013The look gets the name from two key elements: the high and tight classic taper of the sides carries a clear military look and feel; and the longer, versatile top lends itself to rockabilly-esque heights of pompadour style and influence.  The style can be seen with the top worn quite low and flat to the head as well.

Here are my top five tips for executing this on-trend style in either its pure form or in variation:

Taper tight – The look requires a classic tapered perimeter.  The cut will have no distinct nape line or sideburn length.  The haircut just fades away at the bottom.

Leave the top long – The top needs to carry significantly more length than the back and sides. A key element of the cut is the contrast between the top and side lengths.

Disconnect – The side of the haircut that carries the part should be distinctly disconnected from the longer top.  Part the hair as it is to be worn and just taper up and off the head.  This breaks a key guy haircut rule.  Some of you might struggle with the thought of that disconnection.  Go for it.  It will feel good. Not natural, but good.

Blend – The other side should blend.  The hair falls away from the parted side and the side to which it flows blends high and tight to the taper.  We call the side to which the hair flows, the heavy side, since the top hair length accumulates there.

Experiment – The top length provides the opportunity for styling flexibility and variation.  It would be a tragedy not to take advantage of that.  Style the look different ways.  Experiment with variations in the top length based on possible creative outcomes.  Tweak the top length based on the client’s texture and hair density.  Some form of the look will work on every client.

Celebrities from Justin Bieber to David Beckham have been seen sporting forms of the trend.  Nate Ruess, the front man from the musical group FUN is on trend with his version of it, too.  He would tell you to have fun with the trend.

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