Great Lengths Introduces Flow Strands

Maggie Mulhern | March 20, 2013 | 12:54 PM
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Great Lengths Introduces Flow Strands

Great Lengths Flow Strands are causing quite a stir in the extension world. Modern was there when a few bundles of the new limited edition extensions arrived to the Panico Salon in Ridgewood, NJ. Jennifer Mulvaney, a Great Lengths certified artist, was thrilled.

"I love these," said Mulvaney as she eyeballed the brightly accented extensions in turquoise, orange and magenta. "My clients will love them!"

How true. Immediately, upon opening the package, a client, already there for extensions, asked to see how the blue would look in her hair. Members of the Panico staff came over to check them out. "Hey Jen...when you get a break...can you put a few in my hair?" It started to border on chaos. "Oh, these are going to do quite well," said Mulvaney who pointed out that they could be mixed and matched, as well as used for just a pop of color. "So many clients love the gradiating color look, so this will be the next generation," she says. (Great Lengths is hoping the word OMBRE will not be used for these extensions.)

The Great Lengths Flow Srands transition from either blonde or brunette.  Currently available in 16" lengths, the limited-edition Flow Strands will be around until May 31st or while supplies last.

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