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HOW TO Get Organic Braids, By Michael Shaun

Maggie Mulhern | March 21, 2013 | 12:55 PM
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Michael Shaun, Alterna Artistic Director, created one of the most beautiful finishes shown during New York Fashion Week, created for the Nonoo fall/winter 2013 Collection.

"It's all about a British girl out in the woods," he says. "She's hunting, running, experiencing nature. But she is still luxurious. Her hair has branch like texture and the lengths are finished with uneven braids. It is perfect for her." Shaun calls the look "Organic Braids". "It's very forest chic," he says. "No more rubber bands. It's beautiful."

It's very difficult to describe how Shaun created the braids, but this video demo is quite helpful. Here is a simple breakdown:

1. Prep hair with Caviar Styling Prep.

2. Take a large section and pull out from the head.

3. Place a jumbo iron at mid section.

4. Figure eight the section around the iron, unilizing the clamp (you can see this easily in the video)

5. Gently release the imperfect curl with the branchlike texture. Spray with Caviar Working Spray.

6. Subdivide the section and wrap the sections into each other braiding internally. (Again, go to the's much easier to see there).

7. Hold the end of the section and roush up, allowing the section to fall naturally.

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