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Joico's Head Turner Cut

March 29, 2013 | 1:18 PM
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1. Take hair in front of ear and pull out. Cut to follow the shape of the head.
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2. Blend down over the ear on the diagonal.
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3. Blend in to the nape.
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4. Using the nape as a guide, direct diagonal sections out to this point, elevate and cut to the guide.
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5. Go to the back center. Take a vertical section and pull out. Cut to the desired length, cutting to the shape of the head.
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6. Blend down to the nape. Bring other sections to this point and cut to follow the guide.
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7. Blend up to the top, cutting to the guide.
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8. Scissor over comb in the nape.
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9. Comb the hair as it is to be worn. Clean up around the ear.
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10. Direct the fringe forward. Create an asymmetrical line.
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11. Lift the lengths from the top and point cut in to the ends.
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Joico's Head Turner CutCut: Damien Carney
Color: Sue Pemberton
Assisted by: Stella Livoti
Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Make-up: David Maderich for
Fashion styling: Beagy Zielinski
Nails: Amanda Smith

For Joico’s latest Turnstyle collection, bold feminine shapes are combined with a dramatic spin on the traditional, popular ombré color technique. The result is a collection of fitted head shapes and gradient color designs.

MODERN invited the power duo of Joico Creative Directors Damien Carney and Sue Pemberton to join us in our New York studio to create an interpretation of Turnstyle, perfect for the coming season.

For Pemberton, the goal was to address the popularity of the last year’s ombre look and bring it to the next level. Carney kept the concept reminiscent of the ’60s.


Carney graduated the hair and allowed it to fit in tight. “It’s a classic technique,” he says. “I’m using graduation to make a statement, but it’s not doing what you did 10 years ago. The way you build it makes it look fresh.”

To do this, Carney used diagonal sections and a traveling guide. He used his model’s existing layers on top to allow a non connection and subtle overhang, and creates a slightly “off kilter, arched and asymmetric fringe that instantly lifts the bone structure and leaves a modern look,” he says.”


Joico's Head Turner Color

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