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TEAM SPIRIT: Aloxxi Creates a New Conversation Around Haircolor

Anne Moratto | June 24, 2013 | 12:22 PM

TEAM SPIRIT:  Aloxxi Creates a New Conversation Around HaircolorHairdressers strive to give their clients what they ask for but, often, they are speaking a different language.  Aloxxi Salon Color and Care, a company headed-up by George Schaeffer, the co-founder of OPI Nail Products, has developed a way for stylists to dialogue with their customers so they are both saying the same thing.

Bob Siebert, Aloxxi’s Director of Education, and his team of educators are speaking Aloxxi in 24 countries. The company continues to expand its outreach and distribution.

 “This is an exciting time. A lot of the effort we put into the last year in terms of events and advertising has meant we have more recognition,” says Siebert. “People are definitely intrigued. I really enjoy being with an entrepreneurial company because you can touch the hairdresser and that is at the core of everything we do.”

TEAM SPIRIT:  Aloxxi Creates a New Conversation Around Haircolor


The Aloxxi Creative Team of educators includes a Creative Technical Team of ten who facilitate advanced education and six Artistic Advisors who work domestically and internationally to do launches with Aloxxi’s distribution partners. 

“Our Artistic Advisors mentor our Creative Technical Team and they work closely with our Art and Marketing Departments. They are our headliners for shows and for photo shoots. ”

 The Aloxxi Creative Advisors (approximately 60 to date) are another level of educators who go into salons or might be their own salon’s Aloxxi expert. The through line with every Aloxxi educator is that they are a working stylist.

“They dedicate one or two days a week to doing education for Aloxxi and getting the Aloxxi message out there,” says Siebert. “While we looked at their technical skills we really prize their individuality because we’re about them being able to bring their personal best and to showcase their passion for the brand.”


Aloxxi has coined the term “Color Personality” to describe their naming system and consultation process. Color names like Party in Lombard, Peach Bellini, and Va Va Verona correspond to a number and level but stylists and clients reference a swatch book so when a woman wants to be a Roman Goddess, the hairdresser knows exactly what that means and how to proceed, without talking formulas. 

“Consumers have a different perception of color. They say ‘golden blonde’ and that means one thing to them but another to a colorist,” says Siebert. “The consultation book allows stylist to guide the client to the appropriate world of blondes or brunettes. It keeps the conversation very positive and gives clients ownership in the final results.”

Schaeffer has described Aloxxi’s culture as food, family, fun and fashion.  And Siebert says they are looking for hairdressers with a passion for color to join their team.  

 “We are all about facilitating rather than presenting. Our education is much more engaging and about personalizing the information for each individual salon,” says Siebert. “A lot of our preparation is a sit down chat during which we ask, ‘Where are your areas of concern?’ and based on their answers that is how we structure the seminar. We keep it real and relevant.”

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