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Cut and Color How To: Miley-Inspired Undercut

Alison Alhamed | July 8, 2013 | 7:47 PM

Cut and Color How To: Miley-Inspired Undercut Thanks to MODERN Instagram followers @zmicklewright, @rschneckloth and @twistinbangs for collaborating to create this look that we fell head over heels over!

COLOR: Corie Willet (@twistinbangs) began with a bleach wash that lightened her previously purple, blue and green hair to white and green. "I was slightly nervous about getting that out but it did fine!" she says. "Then I used Redken gels 1oz 4cb mixed with 1/4oz 2nw with 10 volume, and took a v-shaped parting on the Mohawk section, starting with the fringe, and did some offset foils starting at the midstrand."

CUT: Zack Micklewright (@zmicklewright) began by sectioning off the entire crown of her head. Then, used a 1/2-inch guard on Andis Masters clippers and cut all the way up to the part, only in front of the ear, and just over the ear and around the back. "I used the clipper-over-comb method to graduate from the bottom of the hairline to the crown toward the back, he says. "In the back it's blended vertically, and on the sides it's more of an undercut." Then, he tapered up her front and sideburns and edged her with Wahl Designers over her ears and down the back. Then, he bald tapered her hairline across the bottom in the back. "The hair I sectioned off on top I blended with the long hair in the back," he says. "And that was pretty much it! This is my first major hair cut on a woman, I like the way it turned out!"


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