MEN'S STYLES: Classic Comeback: Slick and Polished Hair

Lauren Salapatek | May 2, 2013 | 1:59 PM

CAST Salon’s Lucy Cardoza created her Frankie collection, which illustrates the new look for men that reflects back to the days of early Elvis, James Dean and the Rat Pack. “Post-war to the 1960s, most men were manual workers with strong religious and family ties,” she says. “Hair was worn with such attitude.”In this collection, Cardoza’s styles encompass conservative influences, mixed with rock ‘n’ roll, and styles from the Cold War era.

This young New York Mafioso-style collection caught the judges’ eye when she was recently announced a finalist in the Australian Hair Expo Awards’ Men’s Hairdressing category. “"These 'old school' looks with new twists make men look really masculine and well-groomed—from the days when men carried combs and tidied their hair throughout the day.” To style the hair in this collection, Cardoza used EVO products.


MEN'S STYLES: Classic Comeback: Slick and Polished Hair MEN'S STYLES: Classic Comeback: Slick and Polished Hair
 “I gave the hair a steep part then combed the rest of the hair back while damp. I then applied a moderate amount of strong bonding resign throughout all of hair. Product was then combed through to give it a slick, polished look.” “I used a strong texture spray on damp hair. The top of the hair was blow dry blasted, while the sides and back were smoothed. I finished the look with construction cream/strong moulding paste for added definition with a slight sheen finish.”
MEN'S STYLES: Classic Comeback: Slick and Polished Hair MEN'S STYLES: Classic Comeback: Slick and Polished Hair

“I combined a curl balm with a strong bonding resign and applied to damp hair, then diffused until completely dry. Styling powder was sprinkled throughout hair for added volume and texture to complete the look. The look was finished with light moulding paste to smooth the sides and back, and break up and set the curl in place while adding a sheen finish.”

“Starting with damp hair, I worked smoothing sealant for added moisture and curl definition with a small amount of strong bonding resign for added hold with a smooth wet like finish.”
MEN'S STYLES: Classic Comeback: Slick and Polished Hair  MEN'S STYLES: Classic Comeback: Slick and Polished Hair
“The hair was blow-dried with beach texture spray to create a quiff-like effect.  It was finished with shine liquid drops for a smooth, polished look with added shine."  “The roots were sprayed with base support spray, with beach texture spray applied to rest of hair for extra volume and texture. Then using a vent brush, the hair was blow-dried with a small amount of light moulding paste to seal and smooth hair into place.”



Hair stylist: Lucy Cardoza

Salon: Cast, Melbourne, Australia

Photography: Amanda Fordyce

Fashion styling: Andrew Zumbo

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