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Chicago Salons Compete in 2013 Hair Wars Supreme Salon Tour

Lauren Salapatek | May 7, 2013 | 1:41 PM
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African Tribal Warriors, Sorelle Salon
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African Tribal Warriors, Sorelle Salon
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Extraterrestrial, Planet Color
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Extraterrestrial, Planet Color
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Future Funk Theme, Mylissa's Little Gallery
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Future Funk Theme, Mylissa's Little Gallery
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Music Genres, BCS Salon
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Pre-Hispanic Theme, Danny Hair Studio
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Pre-Hispanic Theme, Danny Hair Studio
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Chicago The Day After theme, Colorrific Coiffure
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The 2013 Hair Wars Supreme Salon Tour stopped at the MID in Chicago recently, where top Chicago salons competed for the title of “Supreme Salon.” The competition was judged by MODERN’s Lauren Salapatek, NAHA’s 2012 Newcomer of the Year Sal Misseri, and Denese Barera, from Platform Artists for Indola USA headed under Educator Joe Tristino. The event was hosted by NAHA’s 2011 Stylist of the Year, Eli Mancha, owner of Bang Salon. Taking home the grand prize, BCS Salon won a $1,000 cash prize and gifts from sponsor P&G Salon Professional. Here’s a little more about each of the teams who competed:

Mylissa’s Little Gallery

Theme: Paintings/Future Funk

Concept: Mylissa’s Little Gallery looked to their salon’s paintings for inspiration. During their presentation, they had a model walk down the runway with a painting and then afterwards another model would walk down wearing the look in the picture.

BCS Salon

Theme: Music Genres

Concept: BCS Salon’s models wore hair styles representing all different genres of music, from Reggae to Rockabilly to Classic Rock. Winning the grand prize was no surprise; styles featured a giant hair violin headpiece, hair headphones, dreadlocks and more. According to Gilbert Castro, the stylist for the collection, the prepping, planning and execution of these looks took two months, and three dress rehearsals to perfect. During the presentation, one model was tasked with carrying around an old ‘80s boom box and as he “switched the radio stations,” a new model would walk out according to the genre of music.

Sorelle Salon

Theme: African Tribal Warriors

Concept: Bongos and tribal music played in the background as dancer after dancer came on stage showing off their tribal outfit and body paint.

Colorrific Coiffure

Theme: Chicago The Day After

Concept: Appealing to Chicagoans and Walking Dead Fans, this collection played homage to both, incorporating a zombie theme in the make-up and Chicago landmarks in the hair. Each model wore faux blood and torn clothes, while hair styles ranged from the Picasso, the Watertower, Trump Tower, Hancock, The Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), the Bean and even Navy Pier. This salon said it took them an entire week to complete the concept, working five hours a day and 24 hours straight before the performance.

Danny Hair Studio

Theme: Pre-Hispanic

Concept: Stylist Angela Hernandez says their collection’s concept was a clash between warriors and Gods in Latino history. Hairpieces were all hand sewn, taking two months and 10 hours per day to create. Models wore master hairpieces, colorful body paint, gold jewelry, beads and headdresses in the shapes of crowns. They even incorporated synthetic hair into the outfits!

Planet Color

Theme: Extraterrestrial

Concept: How avant garde can you get in Hair Wars? Planet Color’s models went all out, dressed as “punked out extraterrestrials.” They wore futuristic outfits with fishnets, while their hair incorporated lights and massive amounts of extensions. According to stylist Joe Paciorek, the collection took three to four weeks to create, with the centerpiece being a model with a make-up eye around her mouth.

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