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How To: The Soft Mohawk Styling Technique

Alison Alhamed | May 14, 2013 | 10:02 AM

MODERN Facebook fan Najah Aziz, owner and stylist at Like the River The Salon in Atlanta, Georgia, created this "soft mohawk" and posted this image on our Facebook wall--once we saw it, we KNEW we had to track down the how to.

This look was created using point cutting and notch cutting techniques to create lots of texture through the center.

To begin, the hair is sectioned at the corner of each eyebrow to the nape so only the center is left long. Placing fingers to the scalp, hair is cut low on both sides. With a curlier texture, hair is molded with a foam product down through the side with sideburns being molded in a C shape to create softness around hairline.

Then place the client under dryer for 20 minutes. Once dry, she used a grapeseed-based product to add a brilliant shine to the hair.

Hair is then flatironed using a slight bend in the wrist to create some curl and texture.

Depending on the client's texture a light wax or paste can be applied. Creating lots of texture is key to this soft mohawk.

WE WANT TO SEE YOUR WORK! Want to be's next featured artist? Send your work, and info on how you did it (color formulas, steps on styling or cutting method, etc) to MODERN's Alison Shipley [email protected]


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