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The Lab Report..A Visit To The Living Proof Lab and Test Salon

Maggie Mulhern | May 14, 2013 | 11:22 AM
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Curious about how companies come up with the products and tools to make hair smoother, softer, healthier, cleaner, curlier, straighter, or any other desired effect? So are we!

Modern took a tour of the Living Proof offices, test salon and lab at the home base in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The pristine facility is decorated with big beautiful blow up posters of co-owner Jennifer Aniston and...molecules! "It's what we are all about," says Senior Vice President and head of R & D Eric Spengler. "Beauty and science."

Spengler then headed off to one of the four labs on site. While there was much to discuss, Spengler set up one of his favorite demos, making it easy for a NON scientist to understand how the Living Proof volumizing products work. "This Living Proof technology, called PBAE, was developed at MIT," says Spengler. "We looked at new ways to take that technology to help clients with fine or thin hair. With traditional technology we found that fibers glue the hair together, but that they break easily and allow the hair to fall flat. With this new technology, we create micro islands of thickening points, creating space between fibers." He then demonstrated with candy dots to offer a visual on creating more space and volume.

Then, off to the Living Proof test salon where Manager Natalie Makridis offered a demo to show how she tests products...using something as simple as a portable steamer. "On my model I have done a half head test," says Makridis. "On one side I applied Living Proof Nourishing No Frizz Styling Cream and on the other side a competing product. I then took a hand held steamer and ran over the hair to make sure the product does what it is supposed to do. The good news is, it works!" Makridis suggests that stylists test their favorite products in a similar make sure they are living up to their billing.

Learn more in these two short videos, the first: volumizing in the lab, and the second: the frizz demo in the test salon.

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