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Behind the Cover: June 2013

Anne Moratto | May 17, 2013 | 12:28 PM

The Doves make time fly. A photoshoot that explored the endless possibilities that exist when using Hairdreams extensions started at break of day in their Santa Monica, California, salon and ended at sunset across town in the funky Pier 59 studios. Together, Sonya and Christopher Dove have been creating award-winning hair design images for years and their splendid symmetry as a team created a session that produced cover-worthy results.

Most interesting was watching the Doves adapt to changes along the way. “I didn’t expect this,” said Christopher, “but it’s really evolving into this kind of ‘Old Hollywood’ look, very glam.”

The original concept was Midsummer Night’s Eve, evoking images of enchanted forests and beautiful maidens, and while they continued to keep this in mind, the duo allowed for a look and feel to emerge.

“So much goes into creating a photoshoot and when you collaborate with a talented team, it’s wonderful to watch what takes shape,” says Sonya. And equally wonderful to see their artistry take wings and soar.

WATCH: Christopher Dove talks about being on the cover with MODERN's Maggie Mulhern in the video below.

Behind the Cover: June 2013

Behind the Cover: June 2013

Behind the Cover: June 2013

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