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TEAM SPIRIT: Sexy Hair Rocks Hairdressers' World

Anne Moratto | May 20, 2013 | 10:06 AM

Sexy Hair educators take their show on the road with a busy tour schedule of Sexy Rocks event.

Stephanie Polanski , Director of Education and Shows for Sexy Hair Concepts, calls the 200 hairdressers on her education team her ‘kids’ and Polanski plans to raise them right.

“I’m so happy to be mentoring and growing this group of hairdressers.  There is so much potential for education and uplifting the brand,” says Polanski, who joins Sexy Hair after years spent with Redken, PureOlogy and KAO/ KMS California.   “They make the biggest difference for the brand because they live and breathe Sexy Hair.”

This big, happy family shares their Sexy appeal at education events they call Sexy Rocks. These dynamic presentations introduce Sexy Hair products, techniques and new collections.  Polanski collaborates with Artistic Creative Director Rafe Hardy, the global face of Sexy Hair Concepts, to ensure the curriculum will meet the needs of hairdressers in the US and around the world.

“We work extremely closely with our sales team,” says Polanski.  “They request a Sexy Rocks event and we bring in an artist who will educate and inspire hairdressers so they can go back to their own salon having learned some new looks and techniques. Everyone on our team works in a salon themselves. They are with Sexy because they like feeling part of a bigger picture and it gives them a different outlet from what they do every day.”

Steps to Success

Hairdressers who want to be part of the energy and excitement of the team are recruited by Sexy Hair Regional Education Managers. The selection process requires they send in a video demonstration of themselves teaching.  “We review and see who best fits the brand,” says Polanski. “If selected, we take them to the Institute of Courage, our training facility in Malibu, for a three-day training.” Educators begin their Sexy stint as Education Business Experts; after one or two years, they can advance to Senior Business Experts and the next tier after is Master Artists. 

“I’m so happy to be mentoring these hairdressers,” says Polanski. “My goals this year are to concentrate on growing our international team and also bringing attention to our haircutting system, Structure and Motion, because it is a hidden gem. It’s all about working without straining your body and moving efficiently.”

If you’re Sexy and you know it, Polanski says hairdressers must also possess these key qualities:

“They have to be humble, they have to love to share what they know and they have to put the hairdresser first.”

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