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HOW-TO: Enchanted Princess with The Doves and Hairdreams

Anne Moratto | May 21, 2013 | 8:07 PM

HOW-TO: Enchanted Princess with The Doves and HairdreamsWhile hairdressers joke, “I’m a beautician, not a magician,” magic does happen when a real artist gets to work. Multiply that by two and you get The Doves, creating their own brand of enchanting sleight of hand to show the bewitching, varied results achieved with Hairdreams extensions. The Doves have been “NAHA Masters Hairstylists of the Year” and are currently Wella Ambassadors as well as actively collaborating with Hairdreams. With one hand-selected model and three looks in mind, The Doves demonstrate versatility in shape, styling and color with a dreamy, on-trend palette. The resulting looks—truly charming.


Mixing Ratio: Koleston Perfect 1:1, Color Touch 2:1
Processing Time: 30 minutes
Gray-violet: Illumina color 10/1 + 9/60 + Koleston Perfect
10-volume developer
Purple-violet: Color Touch 8/81 + 0/68 + Color Touch
emulsion 1.9%
Gray: Color Touch 7/89 + Color Touch emulsion 1.9%


HOW-TO: Enchanted Princess with The Doves and Hairdreams


STEP 1: Hairdreams TopHair is pre-lightened using Wella Blondor Powder lightener + 20-volume Koleston Perfect developer. The Illumina color 9/60 and Koleston Perfect pastel toner developer is used to create a lavender tone.

STEP 2: The gray, purple violet, gray violet and violet lavender Quikkies are blow dried smooth and curled after being colored.

STEP 3: Pull back, braid and pin model’s hair as flat as possible to create a base.

STEP 4: Only one side of the Quikkies were used instead of sandwiching. Rows of the Quikkies starting at the occipital were placed in a brick work pattern.

STEP 5: Clip in and secure TopHair.

STEP 6: Curl TopHair in vertical sections.

STEP 7: Hair was shaped using a sliding technique with straight shears.

STEP 8: Excess hair from cutting was used to fill in the back perimeter shape and secured with bobby pins.


Hair: Sonya and Christopher Dove
Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Photography (How to steps): Monica Orozco
Make-up: Inessa Shak
Fashion styling: Alejandro Peraza
Nails: Bobbi Naohara for OPI


HOW-TO: Pixie Pinup with The Doves and Hairdreams








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