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The Latest in Celeb Ombres (Celombre?)

Jessica Galliart | June 4, 2013 | 12:32 AM

Odds are you have seen the videos of Beyonce swatting off pregnancy rumors during a recent interview. And odds are, if you're like us, you were actually more interested in that fierce, wine-hued lip and the bright blonde new tresses she's sporting while doing so. Are those ... roots, Beyonce? Why yes, yes they are.



Ombre never really went away -- how many ombre color appointment requests have you had recently? --  but the seasonal demand for low-maintenance, fresh highlights seems to bring clients, and celebs, back to the trend year after year. Looking for a way to spice up your ombre appointments and suggest some tweaks to the trend for your client? Check out these recent ombre styles seen on celebs for some inspiration.





The Latest in Celeb Ombres (Celombre?)  Lauren Conrad

Crown this lady the Queen of Pinterest Hair, already! "Hair whisperer" Kristin Ess has been crafting Lauren's ever-evolving ombre for years, and though she's obviously still a cheerleader for the ombre movement, there's one aspect of it she just can't recommend: "One trend I'd like to see go away forever is reverse-ombré," she told Rue magazine recently. "People are trying to make it happen, but trust me -- it SHOULDN'T happen. It's frightening!"


The Latest in Celeb Ombres (Celombre?)  Lily Aldridge

Fun fact: Lily has known her hair stylist, Redken ambassador Tracy Cunningham, since she was 4 years old! Cunningham created this effortlessly subtle and beachy ombre after Lily said she wanted her hair from her childhood again, "an incredible golden hue," she told Elle Canada. "My hair is naturally dark brown so Tracey goes in, bleaches the ends to this light, blonde color and makes it look really beachy and fresh. I had this incredible golden hue to it that I loved and she reimagined it for me today," she said.


The Latest in Celeb Ombres (Celombre?)  Beyonce

Busted: We were really just looking for an excuse to feature this flawless Beyonce's style. While her color graduation is more severe and roots-dominant than the other styles featured here, it's still a style that is sure to be enviable by all, especially your textured clients -- Beyonce rocks waves and texture more than any other style these days, and looks great doing it with color like this to create dimension.


The Latest in Celeb Ombres (Celombre?)  Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada's ombre is a shining example of the more subtle tone the trend has taken on this season, starting higher on the head and sticking with tones closer to the base color for a more effortless, natural and summer-ready look. Encourage clients looking for an even lower-maintenance ombre to take a look at Jada's recent ombre transformations and consider scaling back on some maybe-a-little-too-wild ombre aspirations.

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