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Are You Doing It? On Teamwork

Carlos Valenzuela | June 13, 2013 | 11:09 AM

Are You Doing It? On TeamworkRecently, I had the opportunity to chat with salon professionals on the subject of team playing. Teamwork is a tired subject, I know. But, are you doing it? I love this quote: “ You may have thought about it first, but I went ahead and really did it.”

Deep down, do we really believe in teamwork? When the rubber hits the road, is it every man for himself? Every girl gets her own? Below, a few insights from teamwork conversations:

 More Gravy. Teamwork brings in more rewards for all, period. And can be proven with hard numbers, sales, and clients. Lose the attitude. Replace striking out on your own with, “even if the client isn’t mine, as long as they are in this salon, I am a winner.”

The biggest reward of working as a team is your client’s response. When clients believe any team member would come to their assistance, they are going to be  happier, more loyal, and up their referrals. Oh, yeah.

Don’t believe me? Contact Strategies’ Neil Ducoff. and ask about the benefits of group compensation. Yes, there are salons that have created an amazing culture where compensation is based on team performance. Imagine that.

It’s More Than Being Nice. One stylist offered, “I am fine with whatever they want, I don’t interfere, nor say anything bad about anyone. I just do the hair and keep to myself.” What? Is the option to show up and resist? Move along, I say. You must pitch in, discuss, suggest, roll up your sleeves, and stress with the rest of us.

To establish the ground rules for your salon, consider coaching from an outside expert unaware of in-salon competition and personalities.

No Member Left Behind.Be inclusive of everyone, from the “star” hairdresser to the beginning professional. Aren’t we convinced by now that being inclusive creates a better world for all? Including women, minorities, and GLBT creates a better world on a daily basis, just look around. The same inclusiveness applies to you and your salon.

And  if you are the lone ranger of teamwork in your salon or organization, start by forming a team with just one like-minded person. Help each other out, watch each other’s back. Just do it,and watch it catch on.

Carlos Valenzuela is a business beauty industry consultant, speaker, coach and author of i-Fabulous Life Skills.
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