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HOW-TO: Jennifer Lawrence's Textured "Chop"

Lauren Salapatek | July 19, 2013 | 10:53 AM

HOW-TO: Jennifer Lawrence's Textured "Chop" Try a textured bob on your clients with short hair, as seen on actress Jennifer Lawrence. Celebrity stylist Dwayne Ross, owner of Verve Lounge Hair Salon in Beverly Hills, says that prepping the hair before you style or color the hair is a crucial step, here he recommends Malibu C products.


STEP 1: On clean, wet hair apply Malibu C’s Malibu Blondes Wellness Treatment for five minutes. This 100 percent vegan treatment intensifies color brilliance for bleached, highlighted and natural blondes alike. 

STEP 2: Wash out and condition.

STEP 3: Next, apply Malibu C's Leave-in Mist Conditioner and blow dry. This 100 percent vegan leave-in detangler is loaded with antioxidant vitamins and plant-based proteins that will fight against damage from roots to ends.


STEP 4: To style, dry bangs and dry head with medium to large round brush. On top of head from behind the bangs to the crown area place 3 to 4 medium Velcro rollers (on dry hair) and spray with a working hairspray.

STEP 5: Curl sides and back away from face with medium curling iron. (Be sure to hold curling iron vertically or perpendicular to the floor). Let hair cool for 10 minutes.

STEP 6: With your fingers and a super light clear styling pomade, run your fingers through the curls lightly and separate them. Remove Velcro rollers and bend just the ends of the hair, (that was in rollers), with a medium hot iron in the direction you would like them to be placed. Set look with a finishing spray.

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