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4 Ideas to Go Viral

Patrick McIvor | July 22, 2013 | 10:12 AM
Patrick McIvor

I think life is a game and I love to watch the games people play in life, even with themselves.  Games like, “How late can I stay up and still work the next day?” Or, “How late can I set my alarm and not be late?” I never found those games to lead to long-term success, but I’m always amazed at how many people continue to play loosing games.

The games I like playing are games where everyone wins, games where life gets better.  I fly Delta because I get upgraded a lot, I love Foursquare because it rewards me as the mayor (with a crown too) because I park my car in long term parking so often at the Allentown Airport and I love analytics because it tells me what I’m doing that people like, it’s all a game.

I’ve been coaching some friends with Help & Ideas through HI media solutions since April and the response has been amazing with both recognition in their communities and our industry, plus dramatic increases in their business. How? We create a game by providing four viral ideas on the first of each month. One idea is for a Pinterest Board or Facebook album, one for Check-in to create a game/incentive for guests to tell all their friends when they’re with you, another is for increasing businesses and benefits in the salon and the final idea is actionable outside of the salon to meet new guests and become a stronger part of the community.


OBJECTIVE: Promote a sense of community among stylists by promoting accomplishments in social media and the press. And, provide three executable ideas a month to inspire new ideas and success stories.

THEME: SUMMER – cool ponytails, refreshing surprises and hot prospecting!  Beat the heat with new and interesting versions of ponytails and surprise guests with sparkling thirst-quenching beverages that help them relax and enjoy the dog days of summer. Country and pool clubs are hopping, get in on the action.


Images: Ponytails (keep clients cool and rule the catwalk)

CHECK-IN: Offer an unexpected complimentary refreshing beverage, try sparkling water, pomegranate juice with a twist of lime.  It’s easy to store and with a little ice, is a great unexpected surprise.  Plus, the pomegranate juice is a great way to start to talk about anti-oxidants.

COLOR: Don't lose the dimension, offer guests a multi-dimensional single process by painting some of their base color down the mids and ends, creating highs and lows.

PROSPECTING: Find a club that will let you offer poolside treatments. Make sure the club (swim, golf or tennis) caters to guests you'd like at your salon, and offer treatments painted on the hair poolside, applied from a plastic martini glass and rinsed on their own in the shower. Offer styling in the locker room too!  

These ideas will get you going and if you’re looking for 4 more ideas each month, on the first of every month starting August through December 2013, they’re available free from your Goldwell/KMS California Sales Consultant and Key Relationship Managers.  They are FREE to everyone through December 2013, just contact your local distributer- P

To see what HI media solutions has been doing check out Patrick’s Pinterest Board @


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