Hat Trick: Matthew Morris and Team Push Creative Boundaries

Alison Alhamed | July 24, 2013 | 10:11 AM
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CAPTAIN INSPIRATION: Madonna CREATION: “This hat is my favorite,” Morris says, “especially the four-strand box braid across the brim.” Dark blue and purple extensions were added in diagonal sections from the temple to the nape for a serious pop of color. Hair was flatironed with ample amounts of Kerastase Fibre Architect. HAT CONSTRUCTION: Jillian Berres, Matthew Morris
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RICKSHAW INSPIRATION: Boy George CREATION: The basket weave was done by layering Shu Uemera Sheer Lacquer until wet on either side of one-inch sections of hair, then flatironing while blowdrying on cool directly behind the flatiron to instantly cool the strand into grass-like ribbons. “Then, individual pieces were woven into this beautiful rickshaw hat, finished with five-strand braids for detailing,” Morris says. Pink, white and purple extensions were layered horizontally and the center was wrapped in a figure-eight four times around a three-inch hairpin and flatironed, creating a tiered look. HAT CONSTRUCTION: Meredith Boles, Matthew Morris
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VISOR INSPIRATION: Tennis champion Stef fi Graf CREATION: Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer and a blow dryer was used to sculpt hair into place for this strong visor. Long racy red and orange wefts were added and wrapped around a 1 ½ inch iron using Kerastase Form Fetale. HAT CONSTRUCTION: Jillian Berres, Jessica Painter, Matthew Morris
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SUNHAT INSPIRATION: Raquel Welch CREATION: Eight packs of hair were wrapped and spray-starched into place, each layer drying overnight on a head form. Rainbows of colors were then sewn into models own hair in a spiral pattern starting at the hairline and finishing at the crown, creating a whole new head of color. HAT CONSTRUCTION: Lori Fleagle, Meredith Boles, Matthew Morris
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FEDORA INSPIRATION: Michael Jackson CREATION: Small blonde fishtail braids were “painstakingly wrapped” to create a tweed-like texture. The end of each fishtail braid is concealed in the beginning of the same braid, creating a seamless concentric circle. The Fedora is finished with a hat bow to emulate a satin hat band. Yellow and acid green wefts were applied in a halo, starting at the hairline and spiraling up the the crown. Giant beachy texture is added with Kerastase Spray-a-Porter, scrunched in and massaged by hand at the base. HAT CONSTRUCTION: Chrissy Neidig, Matthew Morris
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BOLERO INSPIRATION: Boy George CREATION: The hat was ropebraided with copper and black extensions, finishing the brim with a black fishtail braid. Opposing/contrasting color combinations were added to model’s own hair to create a garish glamour. HAT CONSTRUCTION: Meredith Boles, Matthew Morris
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Hat Trick: Matthew Morris and Team Push Creative Boundaries

Concept and styling: Matthew Morris
Assisted by: Ashley Engle
Photography: Jordan Holloway
Make-up: Stephanie Klasse
Fashion styling: Georgia Benjou

The ’80s are long over, but the music, hair and fashion made popular in the era of BIG continue to inspire three decades later. In this collection, Matthew Morris envisioned a collection that pays tribute to iconic hats of the ’80s—drawing inspiration from musicians, entertainers, models and celebrities. For styling products, Morris used a combination of Shu Uemera and Kerastase to achieve the desired texture for each look. All of the colored extensions used in the collection, including the creation of the hats, were formulated with L’Oréal Professionnel color and Pravana Vivids for an explosion of color and garish glamour.

Click on each image to expand and read HOW each hat was constructed.

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