HOW TO: A 15 Minute Updo

Maggie Mulhern | July 26, 2013 | 6:47 AM
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At a press event in NYC for Aquage, Creative Director Luis Alvarez showed the assembled editors what look each could get in about 15 minutes in a salon from a professional hairdresser. The editors were mesmerized as he quickly created a row of rosettes along the hairline of his model. "What I love about this look is that is really must be done by a professional," he says. "I am frequently asked for 'do it yourself' styles. Whenever a beauty editor asks that, I always say that Aquage is all about directing clients to the salon. The look I've created here doesn't require a big time commitment from either the client or the stylist."

Modern asked Alvarez to recreate the look for the Modern professional:

1. Pull a section from the hair with slight elevation.Spray the top and bottom with a shine spray (Alvarez uses Beyond Shine). The spray adds shine and grip. Separate into two subsections.

2. Twist the two subsections in a rope technique working to the end.

3. Grab a small collection of strands at the end (up to ten strands) and hold.

4. With the opposite hand, push the rest of the section up to the scalp.

5. Secure with pins. Repeat all along the hairline until you run out of hair.

Note: "It's okay if it is imperfect," says Alvarez. "You don't want it to look too 'done'."

In this video Alvarez shows HOW TO create the look and adds tips for photoshoots along the way.

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