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So Hot Right Nail: LA Nail Artist Belinda Fountain on Fall Nails

Anne Moratto | August 7, 2013 | 12:20 PM
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So Hot Right Nail: LA Nail Artist Belinda Fountain on Fall NailsWhen you work in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, what has been called the "Best Hipster Neighborhood in the US", you have your finger on the pulse of what's trending.  Nail artist Belinda Fountain is busy adorning those hipster hands and fingers so has a first-hand look at what is happening for hands...and feet.  We asked her to share what she is seeing in her salon today and what she predicts in the coming weeks as weather, even in LA, gets cooler and women make subtle shifts in their looks. Fountain, who shares her work on her Tumblr site, So Hot Right Nail, can also be reached via her "enail" address:[email protected]

So Hot Right Nail: LA Nail Artist Belinda Fountain on Fall Nails

"I'm seeing more and more people going back to a natural, more rounded nail shape as opposed to the previous trend for long stiletto nails. Nail art still seems to be very prominent however it is far more understated and feminine. Lots of natural nude shades, glitter gradients, subtle French. 3D additions are being used more but in pearls and dainty accents as opposed to the more obvious studs and rhinestones. Nail art on toes is also very popular this season."

"For Fall I feel that nail art will pick up the pace again with lots of metallics and 3D additions such as studs, spikes, and dramatic dark dripping blood effects and lots of lace. However I think the rounded natural shape will be sticking around for a while and also full sets of a single design instead of the current popular trend of a mix and match, different design on each nail."


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