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Lies I Tell My Clients

Carlos Valenzuela | August 8, 2013 | 8:28 AM
Carlos Valenzuela

Hairstylists lie. It's in the job description.

I fudge the truth because it is often an insult. Truth has no concern nor does anything for a client’s comfort.

 Here's a recent conversation:

“If I come to see you, are you always honest, Carlos?”


“Oh, really?”

“I don’t lie, I just don’t always say what I feel.”

“Why not?”

“Because truth can be difficult to handle, so I dole it out slowly.”

“I would rather know”

“I would rather tell you. So, I will.”

The nature of salon lies is to please.

Think of Jonah’s wife who had no apparent problem when he explained he had been gone for three days because a whale swallowed him. My niece Paula and I would color before she went to bed, because anything that she colored came true while she slept, but when she would wake, it would go back to the coloring book. A lie.

The stylists I know don’t really make up stories, no, we remain passive during a wild story from a client. Not because they pay money and we sell out, but because for the short time they are in the chair, it’s just not worth playing judge.

No doubt, giving a client that winner attitude takes more than technical skills. We help people get to where they want to go with a good look and a pat on the back.

During the average haircut session, a client will, at least once, tell you their side of a story ending with a, “Don’t you agree?” or “What would you have done?”

Exactly the same thing, of course.

“I am not sure how it happened, but as I rushed around the kitchen, casserole in hand, it just flew in the air and spilled onto the kitchen floor. So, I just picked it up, put it neatly back in the dish, and served it. What would you have done?”

Exactly the same thing, of course.

“I know you think a small woman with a few extra pounds should not have dark hair down to her waist, but it doesn’t look that bad does it?”

Smile. Silence

Where is that coloring book when I need it?

Like I said, lies are generally tastier.



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