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10 Reasons Curlies Stay Loyal

August 22, 2013 | 12:55 PM

10 Reasons Curlies Stay Loyal

Curly clients put their devotion into words for Texture!

1. He takes the time to not only look at my hair but also ask me about my styling regimen and the products I use.

2. My curls have never looked better, thanks to my stylist!

3. She’s the only stylist within a 50-mile radius who’s been trained to do a curly cut.

4. I call him the “curl whisperer.” He begins to cut only after we discuss what I want and how he will accomplish it.

5. My stylist cuts my hair in a way that enables me to have a good hair day every day.

6. He is respectful of how I do my hair, since I’m the one working with my hair every day.

7. I continually get compliments on my hair and requests for my stylist’s name.

8. It’s the most stable relationship in my life! Nothing is better than a day at the salon—enjoying a nice glass of wine while getting your curls pampered.

9. She listens to me, and I trust her. I tell her, “Do what you
need to!” I would follow her anywhere!

10. Even though he’s the professional, he understands that I know what my hair will and won’t do and always makes sure that I can replicate everything he does. He is amazing, and I can’t wait to sit in his chair tomorrow!

Do your curly clients sing your praises? Pack your schedule with texture education, experiment with products and really listen to clients during the consultation, and the rewards

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