HOW-TO: Blake Lively, Second-Day Hair on Lucky Cover

Maggie Mulhern | August 26, 2013 | 12:58 PM

Blake Lively looks beautiful on the cover of the September issue of Lucky Magazine, but the secret to her gorgeous hair is a bit dirty...literally. According to celebrity stylist Rod Ortega, it may have been a couple...or few...days since her hair had been washed. "But that's a good thing," says Ortega who created the look for Lucky. "I regularly ask Blake to NOT wash her hair prior to any photo session. Second day hair has been my favorite 'base' since I started doing hair in the '80's. The natural oils in hair provide texture that makes it perfect for styling."

Ortega relies on his "go-to" products and tools to achieve a glamorous finish, making the most of the unwashed hair. "I always have the T3 BodyWaver Large Barrel Styling Iron in my kit. It's big...1.75 inch barrel...and allows me to create a smooth or wavy finish. For this cover, I prepped the hair with a dry shampoo and glossing spray (Ortego uses Rene Furterer) and polished the lengths with the BodyWaver. It's so beautiful."

Ortega offers the steps for the salon client, to get the second day look:

Step 1. Blow dry the hair with fingers only.

Step 2. Apply dry shampoo at the root, and then lightly apply some more to the mids and ends.

Step 3. Pull 1/2 inch sections out from the head and place in the T3 Bodywaver. Wrap to the ends and then pin in place.

Step 4. Once cooled, unpin and use a diffuser to break up the waves. Do not brush.

Step 5. Add a bit more dry shampoo to the ends and then rake with fingers to revive.

Included here is a demo video from T3's Dan Sharp who shows HOW TO use the Bodywaver to create effortless waves.


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