Emmy Winners: 3 Red Carpet Hair Looks

Rosanne Ullman | September 24, 2013 | 11:43 AM

While Claire Danes created a Twitter frenzy revealing that her “hair cut” was actually a precisely executed faux bob, many of TV’s tops showed up at Sunday’s 65th Primetime Emmy Awards wearing their hair down and wavy. Give it a severe side part, leading to a natural sweep behind the ear on one side, and the look drips with Hollywood elegance for women of all ages. The other prevailing look was the sophisticated back-do. Let’s check that out first.

Emmy Winners: 3 Red Carpet Hair Looks
Emmy Winners: 3 Red Carpet Hair Looks

Julie Bowen’s nape chignon—and gown—hit the ground running! Hair is by Jill Crosby.

Try this idea: Wella Professionals artist Aubrey Loots suggests tying a low ponytail, and then twisting medium-size pieces from the ponytail, placing the pieces strategically and securing each with a bobby pin. Get the product lowdown on the low-’do here.

Emmy Winners: 3 Red Carpet Hair Looks Emmy Winners: 3 Red Carpet Hair Looks

Among the best sideswept, deep-part waves were those coiffed on Carrie Underwood and Connie Britton.

Celeb confession: Connie Britton fields constant compliments about her luscious locks. Speaking to VH1's Kate Spencer just prior to the Emmy ceremonies, Connie I.D.’d the late Farrah Fawcett as her original hair influence. See the full video below.

As for the faux bob, Claire Danes was not the only fan Sunday night. Mindy Kaling’s bob was faux as well.

How-to: Mindy’s stylist Christopher Naselli for shares his steps:

STEP 1: Work a small amount of René Furterer Vegetal Mousse into damp hair and blow-dry with a medium-size brush.
STEP 2: After defining a side part and applying Vegetal Sculpting Gel to the left section, comb the hair back and clip it below the ear to secure.
STEP 3: Taking 1-inch sections in the front and side sections, twist toward the face around a 1-inch-barrel curling iron, spray each section with Oribe Heat Styling Spray, clip and allow to cool.
STEP 4: Work your way around the head, curling each section to create horizontal waves in alternating directions down to the ends of the hair by placing horizontal sections of hair in the iron, leaving the ends out, rotating the iron once and flipping in the direction of the iron to create another wave below the first.
STEP 5: Using a wide-tooth comb and cool air from the blow-dryer, loosen and texturize the curls.
STEP 6: Apply a small amount of René Furterer Styling Wax to the front section to add hold and maximum shine; comb back and pin just above the right temple.
STEP 7: After removing clips from the left side, secure hair with a pin below the left ear.
STEP 8: Create the faux bob by pinning the hair under at the hairline and letting loose pieces fall out.
STEP 9: Finish with René Furterer Vegetal Finishing Spray followed by a light spritz of René Furterer Glossing Spray for shine.

Here’s another faux-bob step-by-step.

Emmy Winners: 3 Red Carpet Hair Looks
Emmy Winners: 3 Red Carpet Hair Looks
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