Sam Villa and Geneva Cowen Get Inspired By The Jetsons

Alison Alhamed | October 2, 2013 | 9:47 AM
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Tilted Beehive Style: Use the Sam Villa Signature Series Textur iron to texturize the entire head. Backcomb slices for additional volume. Roll/morph hair into a tilted beehive on the left side of the head and secure with pins. Finish with hairspray. Color: Apply equal parts Redken Shades EQ 01B and 03N for shine and reflection. Finish with graphic designs and blue sprayon color.
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Pointed Twist Style: Working in sections, tap the Sam Villa Signature Series Textur iron down each section to texturize the entire head—it expands the hair and creates a solid foundation for updos. Create a classic French Twist in the back and mold ends into a point with a brush. Finish with hairspray. Color: Highlight with Redken Blonde Icing, then glaze with equal parts Redken Shades EQ ½ oz. 09V and Crystal Clear. Enhance with a turquoise spray color.
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Soft Pomp Style: Use the Sam Villa Signature Series Textur iron to texturize the entire head. Gather all hair into a ponytail at the top of the head and tie with cord. Using a styling brush, mold hair into a soft tilted pompadour and pin ends under. Finish with hairspray. Color: Zone 1: Redken Flash Lift 9NA 30 volume; then glaze with ½ oz Crystal Clear and ½ oz O9G Shades EQ and process for 20 minutes. Embellish and accent with spray color.
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Sam Villa and Geneva Cowen Get Inspired By The Jetsons

Hair: Sam Villa

Art Direction/Color: Geneva Cowen

Assisted by: George Garcia, Andrew Carruthers, Tina Calzaretta, Mary Urban

Photography: Shalem Mathew, Mitch Kitter

Make-up: Paula J. Dahlberg

Fashion styling: Pascal Sauvageau, Jeremie Cote

Fashions: plastic pieces, House Of Vile; beaded pieces, Lucian Matis

When cutting and color duo Sam Villa and Geneva Cowen decided to team up for a photoshoot—they wanted to create finishes that featured vibrant, unnatural hair color, “anti-head forms” and avant garde shapes. For inspiration, they looked to the 1960s animated sitcom The Jetsons— and used classic favorites for foundations in the styles.

The beehive, pompadour, chignon and French twist set the tone for this TechKnology collection that features exaggerated, colored and tilted silhouettes with precision cutting and polished texture.

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