Stencil Graffiti: Lucie Doughty's Street Art Inspiration

Alison Alhamed | October 2, 2013 | 10:12 AM
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“The hair was first styled into place and then the colors were layered on,” doughty says. “The colors I used came from chalk, spray color and some wefts that I had colored with Paul Mitchell Inkworks. The final step was to use the stencil to create the pattern.”
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“For the stencils, I found patterns I liked, photocopied them and cut them out,” Doughty says. “I lay the stencil on the head, and then section by section I used a spray color to spray onto the stencil. I cleaned up any edges with a paint brush.”
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“I used a combination of bright, bold colors along with soft pastels to really bring out a patchwork of fabric patterns I used,” Doughty says.
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Hair: Lucie Doughty

Photography: Alexander King

Make-up: Patrick Eichler for Make Up Forever

Fashion styling: Yzsabella Coath

On the heels of New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, runway-infused inspiration surrounds the world of professional beauty: from bold clothing with brave prints, to graphic patterns and color experimentation.

Lucie Doughty, editorial director for Paul Mitchell, used this inspiration to encourage her Stencil Graffiti collection, shown exclusively in MODERN.

“I wanted the hair to resemble printed fabric with different textures and patterns,” Doughty says. “As graphic as the patterns are, the fashion is fi tted and shapely.”

Doughty used hand-made stencils and a combination of Paul Mitchell Inkworks, chalk and colored sprays to achieve the patterns. The application mimics stencil graffi ti—a technique of layering colors and then stenciling a fi nal pattern on top.

“The make-up is also very graphic and bold to compliment the hair,” Doughty says. “The styling was kept in a 1960s theme, from hippy child to mod.”

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