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Cosmetology: A Mindless Career?

Carlos Valenzuela | October 5, 2013 | 1:57 PM
Carlos Valenzuela

Blow People Away, is the battle cry of Boca Restaurants, and everyone from Chef to prep person gets it. The statement becomes the framework for every customer interaction, and the focus of a team member at all times.

But, does our brand of creativity and being focused mix well?

Often referred to as right or left brain thinking, we “creative types” are sometimes stereotyped as unable to set priorities, focus, and attain a goal or net profit. Mmmm.

As a school owner, parents would slip in that hairdressing was a perfect answer because their daughter/son had no business mind. I would gaze into the young person’s eyes and see passion. What later played out was often better than a bestseller--always a thrilling come from behind story.  

Cosmetology as a mindless career drove me to break out my Master’s diploma, awards, education, unique honors and nail them to the academy walls, alongside magazine tears of Leo Passage, Vidal Sassoon, Paul Mitchell and so on. I was young and fiery, but I promise you, that was the single reason.

 I agree that the secret sauce for focus is passion, and here are a couple of insights I was taught early on to stay focused: 

Do it, or hang it up.

We all know what we should be really doing, and not doing. Step out of your comfort zone and give it a shot, or, forget about it and focus on today and make the present happen with everything you’ve got. Being your true self and living another reality is like serving two masters. Choose one and give it your all, no more sitting on the fence.

 Lose the deadweight that drags you down.

This is a close cousin of the one above, except in this case, you cling to something you started and left half way done, (unfinished projects, minimal efforts, inadequate closure to a job or relationship). Act on it or shut it down. Free yourself from that which makes you feel and look uncertain. Stop being like the runner caught between two bases, it’s not fair to you.

 Focus and Succeed

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