Red Carpet Inspiration: Dressy Wet-Look Hair

Rosanne Ullman | October 13, 2013 | 2:17 PM

You can show your clients an easy way for them to go from office to dressy evening no matter what hair they have—short, long, straight, wavy, fine, coarse. Just gel back the top and either tame the shaft-to-ends or tie them into a tail. This sexy-forehead look has become a mainstay on the red carpet and other high-style celeb events.

Actresses Emmy Rossum and Stana Katic wore the look recently with a side part.

Red Carpet Inspiration: Dressy Wet-Look Hair Red Carpet Inspiration: Dressy Wet-Look Hair


Kerry Washington and Kendall Jenner took it high off the forehead but left the rest of hair less severe.

Red Carpet Inspiration: Dressy Wet-Look Hair Red Carpet Inspiration: Dressy Wet-Look Hair

How to style it? Top editorial and runway designer Nicholas Shatarah shares with us his steps he used to style similar looks at Spring 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC.

Red Carpet Inspiration: Dressy Wet-Look Hair

For the David Tlale runway:

STEP 1: Apply a wet gel to the top section for sleekness.

STEP 2: Brush the hair straight back, keeping it tight and smooth to the scalp.

STEP 3: Give everything from the occipital bone down a softer, loose feel.

TIP: Placing the hair in a low pony makes it client-friendly. “This style is timeless and work for all affairs.”

Red Carpet Inspiration: Dressy Wet-Look Hair

From the Zero + Maria Cornejo runway (lead hair stylist is Martin Cullen):

STEP 1: Take a 1"-wide section from the front to the back crest, and pin to create a mohawk.

STEP 2: Spray Phyto working hair spray along the side of the hair and create a french twist. Repeat on the other side and pin together.

STEP 3: Flat-iron the top section so that it lies over the french twist.

TIP: “For salon clients, I would not do the mini-mohawk but just the double french twist.”

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