How To: Blah Brunette to Radiant Red Before and After

Alison Alhamed | October 14, 2013 | 12:00 PM

How To: Blah Brunette to Radiant Red Before and AfterThanks to MODERN Facebook fan Megan Allen, a colorist from Smithfield, North Carolina, who works in a "small-town salon" Salon 29:11.

"This is my client Emily--she needed some professional hair rescue and wanted to get away from box!" Allen says. "With some great color and a good hair cut that's just what I gave her!"

Her client's hair had variations of reds with dark browns on the bottom so Allen created one shade of gorgeous red and with brown on the bottom and a few honey highlights underneath her part.

Step 1:

To create the red, she used 2 oz. of Joico 5RM and 2 oz. of 10-volume developer.

For the bottom, she used 2 oz. of Joico 5B and 2 oz. of 10-volume developer.

"I separated the two colors and applied the red first on the new growth and the applied the brown on the bottom to the new growth," she says.

Time processed: 25 minutes

"Next, I pulled the color through the ends starting with the red and then the brown. I processed the ends for 15 minutes. I then shampooed and conditioned the hair very well using Joico K-PAK.

Step 2:

For the blonde, she used 1 scoop of Joico Vero Blue lightener with 20-volume developer.

"I then parted the hair in a horseshoe parting so that the highlights would stay underneath her natural hair parting. I did two foils on each side and three down the back. I processed without heat for about 20 minutes then shampooed and conditioned the hair."

Step 3:

I styled her hair using a 1" curling iron to give it soft waves and to show off her highlights!

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