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Christopher Dove Shares AND Learns

Maggie Mulhern | November 1, 2013 | 6:07 AM
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Fashion stylist Rod Novoa and Christopher Dove
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David Maderich touches up the make up
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Dove on set
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A wig takes a break
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Waiting to be called to duty.
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Hunger Games wigs created by Christopher Dove for a photo shoot with Modern Salon Media.
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There was a giant wig pile up on a table at the Water Street Studio as Christopher Dove prepared to create looks for his exclusive Hunger Games photo shoot for Modern Salon Media. Dove kept pulling out wig after wig after wiglet after extension...and eventually ran out of mannequin heads. "I've been very busy creating these," he said. "I did many of the wigs for The Hunger Games [coming out later this month]and I 've been so inspired. Let's see how many we can get in today."

It really was a wonderful shoot. The Modern "A" Team (photographer Roberto Ligresti, make up artist David Maderich and fashion stylist Rod Novoa) were able to transform model Indre in at least five different looks, all deemed "futuristic" to complement The Hunger Games theme.

One of our favorite moments came when Diana Macaluso (a Sebastian educator and Modern cover artist) stopped in to say "Hi" to Dove. "Wow, look at this set up," said Macaluso pointing to the wig table. "I can't wait to see that one on the model." Macaluso was pointing to one mannequinn head with a wiglet piled on top of a wig.

"Oh, what a great idea," said Dove. "I was just resting the wiglet there, but that could look amazing. Let's try it!"

The wig/wiglet turned out to be one of our favorite looks of the day. You'll have to wait until December to see the finished result (the big reveal!), but for now you can see how a great one is always ready to learn....

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