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Ted Gibson Comments on Rihanna's AMA "DO"

Maggie Mulhern | November 25, 2013 | 8:59 AM
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MODERN posted Rihanna's AMA hairstyle on both Facebook and Instagram and the comments were all over the place...from love to hate. Much to our pleasant surprise, Ted Gibson is adding his own POSITIVE reaction to her look:

“I absolutely LOVED Rihanna’s hair last night! The hairstyle she wore is called a 'doobie wrap' or 'wrap' in African-American and Latino communities. This hairstyle is worn while drying hair under the dryer or is styled this way after drying to preserve a blowout. Women usually would not wear their hair this way as a hairstyle as it’s usually only seen at home or in the beauty salon, but Rihanna is all about breaking the rules! She took something that most women would never wear outside of their home and made it fashionable and chic! It’s as if she said 'I’m Rihanna, I’m getting the ICON award, and I can do whatever I want!'  Taylor Swift won a lot of awards last night, but we’re not talking about her the next day. We’re talking about Rihanna, and that’s what makes her an icon.”

Gibson also believes that Rihanna’s style played a major part in her receiving the ICON award. "We remember the people who have taken risks – Madonna, Lady GaGa, Diana Ross. These were trendsetters and Rihanna is definitely one of the most influential trendsetters of the moment.”

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