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Your 2014 Astrology Forecast Part Two (Virgo-Pisces)

Carlos Valenzuela | December 30, 2013 | 9:38 AM
Carlos Valenzuela

Astrology Part II  (READ PART I HERE)

Libra: Some delays in January. Work personally on creating new ventures. Early March brings new opportunities. Work flourishes in April and business relationships expand in May. Investors could materialize in June. Mid-July to mid-August brings career and finances together. October has impulse for the new, and 2014 ends with time for family.

Scorpio: Communications is vital in January. Family is focus in March, and work expands in May. Relationships flourish in June and you feel more expressive through mid-July. Travel may bring larger ideas in July-early August, and your career rewards you for your efforts in August. October-November brings you a deeper sense of self and 2014 ends with a new vision of possibility.

Sagittarius: Your values are changing in January. Communication is important during March and family takes your attention in April. Money may flow in June and relationships may bring opportunities in July. Travel perhaps in August and career recognition possible in September. New ideas and visions in November and 2014 ends with you wanting to create something new.

Capricorn: January is time to solidify your goals. Money may flow in March, family time in May and work expansion in late June. Business relationships and investors may appear between late-July-early September. Career and finances may merge in October, and 2014 ends wanting to create something new.

Aquarius: You’re dreaming up the new vision during January. Bring it forward in March and finances may flow by April. Family time in June and work expands in late July-August. Relationships bring resources in August-September and your career moves forward in November. 2014 ends with new dreams ready to birth.

Pisces: Rethinking goals in January and by March your dreams get bigger. April brings sense of renewal and time to manifest your visions. Family time in July, work expands is August and co-workers assist well in September. Career expands in November-December and 2014 ends with a larger sense of community.

Jyoti Wind is an Astrologer and Writer, lives in Boulder, Colorado and sees clients daily. Please contact her: [email protected] and

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