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Kallista Survey Identifies Stylists’ Hand Care Challenges

Rosanne Ullman | January 19, 2014 | 12:03 PM

Kallista Survey Identifies Stylists’ Hand Care ChallengesChapping, redness, dryness, sensitivity and a tight skin feeling—sound like your hands? Those are the top five signs of irritated hands identified by stylists who participated in a study conducted by Kallista, the first company fully dedicated to the needs of salon professionals. The study further found that, globally, four out of five hairdressers experience work-related skin irritations on their hands. As a salon pro, you make a lot of demands on your poor hands, and you need them to be in perfect shape to work your magic!

Founded upon a mission “to look after those who make others look more beautiful,” Kallista is introducing two initial products for January 2014 that address the specific needs of professionals whose hands work with water and chemicals and endure high heat and occasional cuts. The formulas are inspired by age-old folk medicines combined with the latest science of nourishing the skin.

Kallista Daily Hand Care for Normal to Dry Hands, designed for everyday hand care, is formulated to absorb quickly, protect hands during repeated water exposure and rebalance hands to leave them moisturized, revitalized, non-greasy, supple and soft.

Kallista Intensive Hand Care for Very Dry Hands in Need of Extra Nourishing offers a rich emollient formula to immediately comfort dry, dehydrated and overworked hands. The formula deeply nourishes to provide long-lasting moisturization and leave hands looking radiant, smooth and youthful.

“Kallista’s ultimate goal is to make sure each of our products for professionals is developed through understanding and innovation, resulting in exceptional products for exceptional people,” says George Frantzis, cofounder and managing director. The brand’s other cofounder, Linda Gillette Parodi, is director of sales and education.

As part of the study, working salon professionals used and reviewed the two new products.

“I would highly recommend this cream to anyone in the industry who experiences dryness and irritation due to exposure to chemicals, shampooing and blow-drying,” concluded Chicago stylist Amy A. of Maxine Salon. “It keeps my hands moisturized, protected and healthy before, during and after my day at a busy salon.”

Colton L., with Salon Visage in Knoxville, TN, liked the long-lasting effects. “I really feel like it stayed on my hands more than any other lotion or cream I’ve used,” he noted. “I felt like it penetrated the surface, which made it last through multiple shampoos. It lasted through three clients before I had to reapply.”

Kallista Survey Identifies Stylists’ Hand Care Challenges

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