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True Reveal: Anti-Aging Treatment

Kelly Cison | July 10, 2011 | 6:06 PM
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1. Perform hand treatment: Using 1 tsp of Radiance Skin Polish, exfoliate each hand and wrist. Remove with warm Aroma Compress and blot hands dry. Take out Renewal Hand Treatment Mask from hot towel cabi; brush warm mask on back of one hand and cuticles. Wrap in plastic liner. Repeat for other hand. Place both hands in warm mitts and gently lay clients’ hands down.
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2. Saturate cotton pads with Essential Gentle Eye Make-up Remover and cleanse eye contour. Using Recovery Treatment Cleanser, cleanse face, neck, and décolleté; remove cleanser with cotton pads. Then, saturate 2 cotton pads with Essential Soothing Tonic and sweep over face and décolleté; blot skin dry. Cover eye area with protective eye pads. Note: Do not use hot water, hot towels, steam or warm aroma compress in cleansing procedure.
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3. Analyze skin, using magnifying lamp. Protect any areas that are red, inflamed or have distended capillaries (i.e., corners of nose, cheeks and chin) by applying a thin layer of Recovery Treatment Cream. Apply thick, protective application of Recovery Treatment.
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4. Reveal Treatment Peel application: Using a large soft cotton swab, gently apply Reveal Treatment Peel from the outer perimeter of the face towards the center, applying to cheeks and nose area last. Apply to neck area. Note: Do not rub or overlap product; do not apply more than one layer of treatment peel to skin. Leave peel on skin from 3-6 minutes working up to 8, depending on sensitivity.
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5. While Reveal Treatment is on skin, stay with client to ensure she’s comfortable and skin does not become very red. Remove peel with cool water using soft cotton pads. Afterward, using a dime-size quantity of Recovery Cleanser, thoroughly cleanse skin. Cleanse skin a second time, again using a dime-size quantity of Recovery Cleanser, asking client if there is any discomfort, itching or burning. Blot skin dry with tissue.
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6. Place 1 tsp of R&R Refresh & Repair Eye Contour Mask into mask ritual bowl. Using eye mask treatment brush, gently apply mask on eye contour of both eyes, keeping mask an inch away from lash line. Place Pre-Moistened Treatment Eye Pads over eyes, covering Eye Treatment Mask.
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7. Place 1 tsp of Recovery Treatment Mask into mask ritual bowl and apply to face and neck with face treatment mask brush. Leave for 10 minutes. (It is common to feel a slight tingle, and this sensation will subside.) Massage décolleté and shoulders with warm Relaxing Treatment Massage Oil diluted in preferred massage oil or cream; then remove oil with warm aromatic compress. Remove Renewal Hand Treatment Mask with warm compress and blot hands dry. Then perform hand and forearm massage, again with diluted Relaxing Treatment Massage Oil.
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8. Remove Eye Contour Treatment Mask, then remove Recovery Treatment Mask with cool compress, and follow with cotton pad saturated with Essential Soothing Tonic.
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9. Use a small quantity of Anti-Fatigue Eye Contour Gel to massage eye contour of both eyes until well absorbed. Apply Recovery Treatment Cream to face and neck and follow with Protective Mineral Foundation Finish, or application of Essential SPF Gel 30 and Protective Finish using Soft Brush Massage.
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10. Treatment Completion: Remove head wrap. Gently fluff the hair. Massage ear lobes and ears. Let the client know that the treatment is over. Sit the client up and offer a drink of water. As client is exiting, hand them completed Skin Care Recommendation Card.
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The legendary Hotel Valley Ho, known as the playground of the rich and famous upon its opening in 1956, was the place to see and be seen in Scottsdale, Arizona. With a renovation and expansion in 2005, the hotel retained the flavor of its original mid-century “Southwestern” architecture that made it iconic while adding modern conveniences, views of Camelback Mountain and a state-of-the-art spa. Today, the hotel’s amenities are a main draw for visitors from all over the world.

Of course, the spa is a can’t-miss destination: The VH Spa (the VH here stands for “Vitality + Health”), has been named among the top 10 spas in the country by Travel & Leisure magazine and boasts an outdoor deck for relaxing between services, a spa boutique and True facial treatments.

Created by estheticians, aromatherapists and other wellness experts, True treatments are designed for dramatic results and a meaningful experience. With the super-antioxidant idebenone as an ingredient, clients will be happy with what they see. An anti-inflammatory, wrinkle smoother and skin brightener, idebenone provides benefits without redness or reactions. After a six-week series of treatments, studies have shown a 26-percent reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, 38-percent improvement in skin tone, and a 20-percent reduction in facial redness.

As for the experience? This treatment pulls out all the stops. More than a facial, it includes a client welcome (see sidebar), renewing hand treatment (step 1), a firming R&R eye treatment (step 6), and a relaxing aroma massage (step 7). With luxury like this, who needs a vacation?


Therapist: Tracy Fischer
Spa: The VH Spa at the Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale, Arizona
Products: True
Snapshot: Reveal the face that looks as young as you feel with this superior clinical peel. The proven lightening and exfoliating effects of lactic acid uncover youthful skin, with True’s exclusive super-antioxidant idebenone undoes the inflammation and redness normally expected with serious treatment. This helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and reduces pore size and breakouts. You’ll emerge bright, smooth, radiant and relaxed.
Contraindications: Recent use of microdermabrasion, Retin-A or Accutane: sunburned, irritated or recently shaved, waxed or lasered skin; allergies to aspirin or hydroquinone; exposure to stream room, sauna, hot tub or intense exercise. Discuss consent form and pre- and post-treatment protocols with client.
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $125

Recommended Home Care:

For day: True Anti-Aging Youth-Revealing Complex and appropriate moisturizer, such as True Balancing Weightless Moisturizer, along with an SPF. At night: True Night Light Kit with Anti-Aging Advanced Treatment Cleanser, Essential Soothing Tonic and Anti-aging Radiance Revealing Complex, as well as True Anti-Aging I-Lift Eye Contour Concentrate.

Client Preparation and Welcome

â–º Invite client to lie down on her back on facial bed.

â–º Loosely wrap client in sheet, blanket, and protective towel (in place for hand treatment application).

â–º Place bolster under lower legs to relieve strain of lower back.

â–º Wrap hair in towel or head band to keep neat and away from face during treatment.

â–º Place Warm Welcome Eye Mask over eyes and bridge of nose.

â–º Remove 2 warm, dry, towel rolls from hot towel cabi. Place one under neck at natural curve of spine.  Adjust for client comfort.  Unroll second towel and wrap around shoulders and over décolleté.  This is a “warm welcome” for your client and has a comforting effect. Be certain that your client is completely at ease.

â–º Briefly explain treatment steps to your client.


NOTE: A series of approximately six separate applications of the Reveal Anti-Aging Treatment are recommended.  Application can be performed at intervals of every seven to 10 days. Never perform more than one peel per week. Depending on the client’s and skin care professional’s objectives, more or fewer peels may be recommended.

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