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Fall Makeovers

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:17 PM
Makeover #1

The model has dry, naturally wavy, frizz-prone hair that turns unruly in humid conditions. Her dryness is further aggravated by regular highlighting and low-lighting coloring services.


1. Needs to tame her mane

2. Needs to maintain her hair color

Fall Makeovers

Styling Process:

1. To address her color problem, Les Haverty of FHI Heat used Hot Sauce on ends and mid-strands to help condition the dehydrated strands.

2. Use Runway iron set at 450-degrees to help close and seal the cuticle, to lock in color and smooth the frizz - use only one pass of the iron over each section of the hair.

3. To section and iron, clip unwanted hair out of the way, then work in 3-inch sections, running the iron from base to ends. Move from the nape to the sides of the head to the crown.

4. While ironing, roll wrists under to give hair a natural bend, or C-shaped pattern, which helps make hair with this texture look healthy.

Final Look

It is a long, layered look, but not textured, since her hair is frizzy.


Makeover #2

Model has thick, naturally wavy hair, which is high-density, making it time consuming to style.

Fall Makeovers


The model has long layers. Haverty trimmed her ends and gave her a face-framing cut at the salon using a graduation technique. This technique consists of cutting strands which originate higher on the crown shorter than strands which originate in the temple area or lower on the scalp. The farther back on the head, the longer the hair falls, which results in a fringed look. Haverty worked using 1-inch sections for a refined effect. For a more chunky effect, he works with wider sections or narrower sections for even more subtle graduation. The model was also given longer, swoop bangs (past the eyebrows) which allows for more styling options.

Styling Process:

1. Starting at the nape, clip unwanted hair out of the way.

2. Use the Runway styling iron from base to 3/4 down each section of hair. Then turn the iron 1/2 turn and pull it swiftly to the ends of the hair, for a natural, textured look.

3. Finish the front by flipping the longer lengths of hair away from the face, creating a smooth finish for bangs by moving the iron from base to ends, rolling under slightly.

Finished Look: A "lived-in," natural, wavy style, styled away from the face, which offers controlled body.


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