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Book Review: Hold On, You Lost Me!

Arlene Tolin | July 10, 2011 | 6:19 PM

Train Smarter

In their new book, Hold On, You Lost Me! Use Learning Styles to Create Training that Sticks, Bernice McCarthy and Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell guide readers through an easy, eight-step process for effective training. The authors show how, by identifying and playing off the strengths and weaknesses of the four learning types or styles—dynamic, imaginative, common sense and analytic—you can improve training techniques, consistently design effective coaching and enhance your delivery and presentation skills.

Virgina Meyer, vice president of education for Aveda, says about the book, “the concept is brilliant ... a must for all trainers and learning-based companies.” Frances Glosson, director of learning strategies for Centegra Health System, adds,  “It’s a must-read for all workplace learning and organization development professionals.”Using their unique “4Mat Model” framework and an outline of the eight steps of learning— perceptions and connections; reflections and actions; language and images; and ladders and networks—the business-savvy duo explain the ins and outs of their highly effective training method. 

Published by ASTD Press, Hold On, You Lost Me! Use Learning Styles to Create Training that Sticks can be ordered by calling 800-628-2783, or visit

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