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Ask the Experts: How Should I Budget for Staff Education?

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 6:21 PM

Committing Cash to Education

Ask the Experts: How Should I Budget for Staff Education?

Thia Spearing says that paying for salon education starts at retail point-of-sale.

“How should I budget for staff education?”

Budgeting for education “begins with a long-term commitment to becoming the best you can be,” says Thia Spearing, director of technical development at Matrix.

Spearing advises that you organize your efforts around your salon’s retail sales efforts. “A percentage of the commission stylists are paid for their retail should be set aside in a fund for their education,” she advises.

“Some salon owners provide matching dollars to add extra incentive to the effort. Salons can also create retail contests to keep the staff energized and motivated to continue the pursuit of excellence.”

Take advantage of your relationship with your strongest retail line, says Spearing. “Most manufacturers provide education to salons that spend at a certain level. If you purchase the majority of your stock from one company, that strengthens your position with that company and helps you take advantage of the educational perks they offer,” she says.

“For example, Matrix offers C.R.A.F.T. rewards in which purchases add up to points that can be exchanged for courses at the Matrix Global Academy in New York City.”

Don’t fail to take advantage of the wide range of distributor and manufacturer classes in your area, says Spearing. (You can find many local classes listed in the Education Calendar at

Finally, be a lifelong learner. “Community colleges offer classes in art, photography and business. I highly recommend attending at least once a quarter,” Spearing says. “The commitment to personal growth will make you a more interesting hairdresser and keep your clients coming back for more.”

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