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Eufora’s New Photo Shoot

Alicia Liotta | July 10, 2011 | 6:22 PM

What really goes on at a manufacturer’s photo shoot? MODERN’s Alicia Marantz Liotta got an exclusive behind-the-scenes view.

Situated in the studio of photographer Bonnie Holland in Burbank, California, Don Bewley, co-founder of Eufora and veteran hairdresser, and Eufora Global Team members Haim Knister and Dee Fortier created three looks on three models. For the blonde model, the team bleached her hair and used both a straight-edge razor and a scissor-over-comb method to create a sophisticated style. The brunette’s cut was done with three techniques—straight-edge razor, triple shears and scissors-over-comb. This cut was designed with a concentration on bone structure. The final model “really has the Eufora face,” said Bewley. “We have used her before in our imagery which allows us to show change, consistency and versatility with one model.” To create the look, the team brought her length up to the shoulders and deep-cut heavy fringe using triple shears and thinning shears for movement.

WHAT’S NEW? Eufora’s goal is to evolve their image while staying true to their passion for hairdressing, their commitment to the salon industry and their natural ingredients.

WHAT’S NOW? “We’re taking shapes built around bone structure, face shape and body shape,” says Bewley.

WHAT’S NEXT? “We need to get back into cutting hair again,” says Bewley. “Shorter hair needs to come back.”


Eufora’s New Photo Shoot Eufora’s New Photo Shoot Eufora’s New Photo Shoot
Amy: before Final Smoothn

To make Amy’s beautiful blonde style camera ready, the team used Smoothn and other Eufora products.


Eufora’s New Photo Shoot Eufora’s New Photo Shoot Eufora’s New Photo Shoot
Tiffany: before Final Illuminate

To create on-camera shine, Illuminate was used on Tiffany’s hair.


Eufora’s New Photo Shoot Eufora’s New Photo Shoot Eufora’s New Photo Shoot
Kiki: before Final Sculpture

Sculpture Styling Glaze was used to put Kiki’s hair in place against the background of natural pink shells.


Eufora’s New Photo Shoot

Bewley cuts model Kiki’s hair the night before the shoot.


Eufora’s New Photo Shoot

The photo shoot team with model Tiffany. From left: Haim Knister, Dee Fortier and Don Bewley.


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