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Aveda’s Fall & Winter Collection: Raw Beauty

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:24 PM

Aveda’s fall and winter collection, “Raw Beauty,” features strong, bold styles inspired by the traditional symbols of Brazil’s Yawanawa people, one of Aveda’s indigenous sourcing partners. The Yawanawa provide Aveda with the deep, rich pigment that is reflected in the earthy red and violet shades of the collection. Raw Beauty
styles and shapes honor The Yawanawa with ultra-modern interpretations of their
ancient culture. 

Creative and hair color direction provided by Antoinette Beenders and David Adams
Hair color: Jeffrey Scott and Neill and Lupe Voss
Hair styling: Gerard Scarpaci
Make-up: Rudy Miles and Angela Cont-Smith
Photography: Miguel Reveriego
Photostyling: Damian Foxe

Aveda’s Fall & Winter Collection: Raw Beauty

Aveda’s Fall & Winter Collection: Raw Beauty

Aveda’s Fall & Winter Collection: Raw Beauty

Aveda’s Fall & Winter Collection: Raw Beauty

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