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Seen & Heard - Premiere Orlando

Melissa Hill | July 10, 2011 | 7:10 PM

Missed the show? Here's a quick round-up of what we found, saw and did.

Seen & Heard - Premiere Orlando
The grand entrance to Premiere Orlando.

• Ever seen a stampede at a beauty show? I hadn’t either. But Sunday morning was a banner day – it was the opening of the show and apparently there were a lot of excited stylists looking for the best deals. Check out this video clip I took of stylists running through the aisles, shortly after the doors opened. Careful ladies! Don’t trip in your fabulous heels.

• Tested out the classic CHI flatiron for the first time – can you believe it’s taken me this long? The Florida humidity had turned my sleek bob into a puff ball. The CHI flatiron and some shine spray made me perfectly presentable again! Using them together ensured that when I walked outside for lunch later in the day, there was not frizzy hair in sight. Thanks CHI!

• If you check out our Premiere product showcase videos you can catch me lounging in one of Belvedere’s new shampoo chairs. Ridiculously comfortable! I could have fallen asleep right there. Now I just need to figure out a way to slip the brochure to my stylist and her salon.

• The updos at Aquage continue to wow me every time I check out their booth. As at any hair show, there were a lot of ornate hairstyles, but the thing I love about the Aquage styles is the combination of beautiful and wearable. I can see myself rocking the style below – if I had long, thick, red hair of course. One detail I loved about this style is the rope braid detailing. Adding braids to any style to create some flair is huge right now. Add a couple of rope braids instead and your clients will love the unique twist on a trend.

Seen & Heard - Premiere Orlando

Seen & Heard - Premiere Orlando
This simple but beautiful up-do gets extra flair from rope braids and tiny pearl pins.

• Patrick McIvor, on stage for Product Club, gave out some great business tips to his audience. One tip I liked the most was giving clients a 10% off incentive when they pre-book their next color and keep the appointment. Only giving it to them when they actually keep the pre-booked appointment is key.

• Leon Alexander, president of Eurisko Design, used a variation on the popular quote, “If you want to be successful, observe what most people are doing, and do the opposite.” Something worthwhile to remember as we struggle to be inspired and make our businesses work.

• Belson is launching a new curling iron that has multiple settings for coarse, medium, fine and synthetic hair. Perfect for your clients with extensions!

• If you love people watching, this show can't be beat. Inspiration is on stage and on the show floor. Here are some of my favorites.

Seen & Heard - Premiere Orlando
Body-painted male models advertising brands and booth numbers attracted lots of attention.

Seen & Heard - Premiere Orlando
Great hair and tattoos and nice enough to let me take his picture!

Seen & Heard - Premiere Orlando
Orlando Pita's team created looks that ranged from crazy cool to simply gorgeous.


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