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AG Hair Cosmetics Downtown Collection

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 7:26 PM
Downtown Style


AG Hair Cosmetics Downtown Collection presented by Piermarco Beauty Supply. THE VENUE: Seasons in Washington Township, New Jersey.

THE DETAILS: AG Artistic Director Jami Symons and Artistic Team Leader Jo-Anne Dicken took the stage to prepare models and present “Architecture.” the downtown collection. Defined as the “manipulation of space, volume, texture, light, shadow and abstract elements in order to achieve an aesthetic end,” Symons went on to explain that the collection is “inspired by the silhouettes of the shapes of the world’s most important buildings in the most important cities and by the people who inhabit them.” Silhouettes in the collection include “Skyscraper,” “Times Square,” “Spire,” “Geo Frizz” and “Bell.”

THE BUZZ: John and Lotte Davis, CEOs and founders of AG Hair Cosmetics, were there to welcome the enthused group. John explained to the audience how attending advanced educational events will only help salon businesses and develop all as entrepreneurs. “The dictionary definition of an entrepreneur is ‘a person who organizes and manages an enterprise usually with considerable initiative and risk,’” he said. “If you add ‘with creativity, style and flair’ to the definition, you describe most successful salon owners and hair stylists. Everyday hair stylists and salon owners rely both on their interpersonal skills and their artistic skills to create beauty and earn a living. They, more than most, absolutely define entrepreneurship.”

THE LAST WORD: “It’s so exciting to see so many heavily textured looks,” said a salon owner from Paramus, New Jersey. “There’s something here for every client. This will be fun to try out in the salon.”

AG Hair Cosmetics Downtown Collection
John and Lotte Davis, CEOs and founders, AG Hair Cosmetics, speak to the audience at the AG Hair Cosmetics event.
AG Hair Cosmetics Downtown Collection


The “Times Square” presented on stage.
AG Hair Cosmetics Downtown Collection
“Geometric Frizz” presented on stage.
AG Hair Cosmetics Downtown Collection
AG Hair Cosmetics Artistic Director Jami Symons perfects a look on stage.
AG Hair Cosmetics Downtown Collection
Jami Symons and Jo-Anne Dicken.

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