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Adrienne Rogers = Patrick McIvor's Picasso

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 8:17 PM

Watching Modern Salon and Product Club's free Webinar with Adrienne Rogers and Patrick McIvor . I learned a lot, Adrienne Rogers has some pretty cool, innovative techniques! We're at the Q & A portion, here's an interesting question that just came through:

Q: "With the amount of experience you both have, where do you find education that motivates you?"

McIvor: "I try as often as possible to re-train myself on the basics. I try to find people I respect, people I like, and if I like someone, and I like the way they think, I tend to like the way they work. Adrienne, I'm constantly looking at your sets and wondering how I can rip it off, and make it my own.That's the great thing about artistic relationships-- Picasso did that. He would look at other people's art and redo it his way. And it was OK because the artists respected each other enough that they could rip each other off. Adrienne, I think you're my Picasso."

PS: You can still check out the webinar on-demand at

Webinar with Adrienne Rogers and Patrick McIvor
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