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Being Redken's “fashion insider”

Courtney King | July 10, 2011 | 8:18 PM

Being deep in the underbelly of fashion’s starting point at Fashion Week as Redken's “fashion insider” was completely inspiring. Although I thought hair and make-up would be relatively straightforward this season, there were certain twists that really made it modern and fresh.

Going from being backstage and seeing all the collaboration between hair, make-up and the designer, and then following it with watching the show was a great way to see all the factors come together. I was able to sit in the front row at Twinkle by Wenlan, where the hair was largely curled and exaggerated up and out by John Ruidant. He was looking for both soft floating curls within the hair to collide with that of a rock star. Make-up for this show was beautiful with a punch on the pout. As you can see these both compliment the designer’s collection flawlessly.

At Twinkle:
Being Redken's “fashion insider”

Being Redken's “fashion insider”

Being Redken's “fashion insider”
At Tory Burch:
Being Redken's “fashion insider”

Being Redken's “fashion insider”

A few shows emulated the classic ponytail, but at each, I was taught by the key hair artist how to amp it up into the 20th century. At Tory Burch, Yannick D’I’s showed that adding texture in the length with Redken’s fabricate 03 and mixing textures makes a look very forward because you have sleek into rough texture.

Also adding a bit of an alien interest to the ponytail mix was Peter Gray. Along with the elongated shape on the top of the head, he created a twist or loop out of the lengths of the hair and flipped them out at the top.

At Betsey Johnson, the entirety of the experience was like a work party. Candy was covering every surface backstage, Betsey ran around hugging everyone and yelling. The attitude was very excited and dynamic. Hair and make-up artists were told to just get crazy, creative and have fun ... so that’s what they did!

Overall I learned so much on this journey—the whole time I wanted to pick up a comb and help!

At Betsey Johnson:
Being Redken's “fashion insider”Being Redken's “fashion insider”Being Redken's “fashion insider”

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