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Farouk Makes it Official

Michele Musgrove | July 10, 2011 | 8:44 PM

It’s officially official.

This afternoon in Houston, beauty industry leader Farouk Shami ended months of speculation and “early reports” by announcing he is indeed running for Texas governor as a Democrat in 2010.

Shami made the announcement during a meeting in front of his new CHI USA factory. Earlier this year, he relocated manufacturing to Houston, TX from South Korea and China. He says he hopes this will show other companies that it is possible to bring jobs back stateside and still remain profitable.

“I am ready to bring the values that motivated me every day in my own life, and in my career into Texas state government,” added Shami. “I am running for Governor because I am tired of the influence that lobbyists and special interests have in Austin. And instead of taking money from the taxpayers, I will serve as Governor for a $1 a year in pay. This state has given me plenty - now it’s time for me to give back.”

To learn more about Shami’s campaign, visit

Farouk Makes it Official
Found on the home page:
“ Farouk Shami: The day he becomes Governor is the day business as usual ends in Texas.”

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