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Laurel's Bridal Finale

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 8:51 PM

Since my November wedding, I’ve had many requests from stylists to see which of the bridal styles I chose from my bridal hair contest. The answer is … none of them.

Although all the styles were unique, exciting and fun, I didn’t feel any of them were just right for my big day.

So I sat down with stylist and Prink salon owner Rachel Glenn (contestant number 6) and talked about shape and silhouette. The style she did for the competition was one of my favorites (see it here), but it was a little too dramatic for the wedding day.

During my consultation with Rachel we talked about how to tone down the original style to make it more face-flattering and complementary to my dress and veil.

The result was perfect—classic, yet modern. The shape gave me some much-needed height (I am 5’3” and my husband is 6’1”), but didn’t overwhelm my overall look.

Here are a few views of the final style!
Laurel's Bridal Finale
Goin' to the Chapel ...

Laurel's Bridal Finale
Make-up artist Jessica Sawicki ( completed my look with gorgeous make-up and fake lashes!

Laurel's Bridal Finale
A side view of the style.

Laurel's Bridal Finale
Another side view. NOTE: The look stayed perfectly in place all night long, even after hours of dancing.

Laurel's Bridal Finale
A 3/4 view. Rachel used one hair piece inside the bun to give it stability and volume.

Laurel's Bridal Finale
Rachel giving  my sister and maid of honor a pretty awesome updo of her own!

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