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Fashion Week - Day One

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 8:53 PM

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week, DAY ONE: It really doesn’t get much better than this. The bright, sunny day was incredibly busy with backstage interviews, runway shows and rubbing elbows with fashion elite including GWEN STEFANI!!!!!!! I even managed to squeeze in a great photoshoot with Aveda’s Lisa Vann! It was perfect!

Well, almost perfect. Everyone was quite bummed about the tragic news of the apparent suicide of genius fashion designer Alexander McQueen in London. McQueen designed for just about every A-lister and celeb and his looks were seen on red carpets around the world. The news spread like wild fire and a sadness and shock kind of lingered over every show and event in New York.

However, we all knew the show must go on…and it did.

My day began with a backstage meeting with Danilo, one of the most talented hairdressers out there. We met backstage a couple of hours before the L.A.M.B. show for a little chit chat. Danilo was laying on the Moroccanoil, layering with the new Intense Curl Cream and Moroccanoil spray. A curling iron was used to create curls which he left to cool in invisible “rods” while he finished each look with a faux fringe from Hair U Wear. “Texture is where it’s at,” said Danilo. "and these little fringes are amazing." He started to fill me in on life, his feelings about hair and his feeling about doing fashion week. ...for like a long time. The models were kind of piling up behind us and I was thinking…dude…shouldn’t you be doing the hair? I could not believe I was granted such an extensive interview with such an important person at such a crucial time! But we both knew his pro skills would prevail and that he could and would knock out these looks in half the time of any new-bie artist.

Fashion Week - Day One
Danilo using Moroccanoil puts the finishing touches on his model at L.A.M.B.

Fashion Week - Day One
Danilo created heavy texture at L.A.M.B. using Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream, finising the look with a faux fringe by Hair U Wear.

It was a surreal moment. Gwen Stefani (L.A.M.B. designer) was standing inches away. I was a bit taken aback by her pore-less skin and Marilyn haircolor and style. She was really quite breathtaking in her black short shorts and svelte bod. She was also shockingly tall, until I looked down and saw that she was on top of what appeared to be 10 inch heels. I wanted them.

The day just got better and better and finally ended in the tents at the MIK Cire (can’t fool us! Backwards, it’s ERIC KIM! The designers name!). I sat front row next to my FW BFF Anthea Liontos from the International Fashion Syndicate. Lead stylist Sean James used Rusk products to create sleek, polished hair. The models were all male and had been “Adam Lambert-ed” backstage. In addition to the power hair (including one long silky finish), there was lots of black, strappy fashion…and oodles of guy-liner. It looked great.

Fashion Week - Day One
Sean James using Rusk instructs his team on the look for the Mik Cire show

Fashion Week - Day One
Long, sleek locks at Mik Cire courtesy Sean James using Rusk.

Fashion Week - Day One
The "Adam Lambert-ed" finishes on the runway at Mik Cire

Photos by John Perez

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