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Moroccanoil's Lightened Up a Bit

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 8:56 PM

I am such a huge fan of Moroccanoil. My hair just drinks it right up.

From the signature oil, to the hydrating cream, to the shampoo and conditioner—I am in love. 100 percent.

Once I began using the oil and the hydrating cream, friends and family noticed immediately that my hair was softer, shinier and appeared healthier. On Facebook photos, friends I hadn’t spoken to since high school began commenting, “Alison, your hair looks SO good! Did you just color it? Why is it so shiny??” No joke!

Look how the light reflects off of it!

Moroccanoil's Lightened Up a Bit
So, of course, I began recommending Moroccanoil to everyone I know. And, like good friends and family, they took my recommendation and almost EVERYONE fell in love with the product too.

Except Diana. She saw my comments on Facebook about how Moroccanoil transformed my hair—and so she went out and bought it too. Well, Diana has fine, thin hair that is very, very blonde. So, when she used the oil, it felt too weighed down for her and didn’t give her the silky results I got.

Well, NOW I can recommend a Moroccanoil product just for her hair type.

Moroccanoil's Lightened Up a BitMoroccanoil has lightened up a little! Launching at America's Beauty Show in March, Moroccanoil introduces Moroccanoil Light, boasting the same shiny, smooth results as the original formula, but in a lighter consistency, perfect for fine and fair colored hair.

Still featuring powerful and beneficial Argan oil as its signature ingredient, Moroccanoil Light fortifies hair, improves elasticity, moisturizes strands and shields against harmful environmental stressors, while specifically targeting the more delicate needs of fine-textured hair. Moroccanoil Light delivers the same protection as the original formula, bringing healing and relief to weak brittle hair, leaving it glowing and healthy from root to tip.

I can’t WAIT for Diana to try it out! Diana, always the avid traveler, is leaving for Albania (she joined the Peace Corps: so badass!!) and needs a product to keep her hair looking fabulous without weighing down her backpack too much. This will be great!

More Moroccanoil news: Also launching at America's Beauty Show, Moroccanoil is introducing a set of scalp treatments formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils to accompany their line of pro styling aids.
Dry-No-More and Oil-No-More Professional Scalp Treatments deliver essential nutrients onto the scalp,  creating an environment for fuller, healthier hair. 

Moroccanoil Professional Scalp Treatments will be offered as a back bar service in 15 vials of  0.34 fl oz.  Only  one vial is needed per treatment and Moroccanoil reports instant and outstanding results. Available  to  purchase  in-salons for at-home use in a box set.  

The Dry-No-More treatment contains a Moroccanoil Treatment (1.7  fl  oz), Dry-No-More  Professional  Scalp  Treatment  (1.5  fl  oz) and a Moroccanoil Restorative  Hair  Mask (6.08  fl  oz). 

The  Oil-No-More  contains Moroccanoil Light (1.7 fl oz), Oil-No-More  Professional Scalp Treatment (1.5 fl oz) and an Intense Hydrating Mask (6.08 fl oz) for consumers to purchase in salons.

Thanks Moroccanoil! We <3 you!

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