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Prive Stylists Covered Fashion Week

Jan Hillenmeyer | July 10, 2011 | 9:46 PM

Fashion Week saw more than its share of fabulous hair and talented stylists and Prive Salon was part of the action—styling for three different designers. The three distinctly different feels represented at the shows tested the Prive team’s versatility and the ability to turn on a dime that Fashion Week demands.

Key stylist Pete Lennon and his colleagues created two styles for the Rebecca Minkoff Show.  The unstructured “top bun” and the softly textured and tousled “bed head” styles were both inspired by that inimitable style that just comes naturally to French women. How do they pull it off? It’s one of the world’s great mysteries, but the Prive team captured that always flawless, but never too structured, French style.

For the Gary Graham show featuring the designer’s boxy and innovative shoe styles, the hair was severe and futuristic with an extreme version of the French twist along with (dare we say it?) a slightly cone head shape to compliment the designer’s squared-off platform shoes.

The Araks Show combined a slightly masculine structure with feminine sexiness, and the hair that the Prive team created echoed this with a softly braided ponytail topped with a tight ballerina bun.

Pete Lennon’s Prive styling team included Aaron Grenia, Elle Loutraris, Michael Donahoo, Irene Serrano, Rachel Coppola, Elena Kochnev and Susan “Katie” Martinz.
The styles were achieved using a combination of Prive products including Finishing Texture Spray, Finishing Spray and Root Amplifier.

Prive Stylists Covered Fashion Week
A model is styled backstage by Prive stylists for the Rebecca Minkoff Show at New York Fashion Week

Prive Stylists Covered Fashion Week
A feminine but severe updo at the Araks Show

Prive Stylists Covered Fashion Week
Futuristic style at the Gary Graham show.

Prive Stylists Covered Fashion Week
At Gary Graham, the Prive team styled the hair to compliment the designers chunky, platform shoes.

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