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Shear Genius Scoop: Faatemah's Predictions

Faatemah Ampey | July 10, 2011 | 9:47 PM

This week on Shear Genius ...

Short cut challenge: Contestants had to do hair styles inspired by flowers. I thought this was a refreshing change from the food challenge. This challenge is relevant and will give the cast an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Who shined? Brian and April were the front runners of this challenge to my surprise. The only mistake Brian made was asking his Hawaiian model if they were 'indigenous people.' Hmmmm … does he know Hawaii is a state? At least he's PRETTY! Brian wins the short cut and has an advantage for the elimination challenge. Dimly lit Jon joins Adee in the bottom for the shortcut challenge.

Elimination Challenge: transform bridesmaids' hair for a real wedding.The guest judge for this challenge was my girl Tabatha Coffey. She was eliminated from Shear Genius on a wedding challenge. Tabatha is known for serving you your ass on a silver platter! Stylists received and hour and a half to change the bridesmaids' looks. Brig managed to only do three french braids and straight frizzy hair on her model. Adee does an uninspired down, wavy look. Amy does a 1982 prom look. Apparently the '80s are her specialty. They all end up in the bottom three. 
Shear Genius Scoop: Faatemah's Predictions
Faatemah and Tabatha

Best moment of the episode for me was Brigg trying to have a battle of words with Tabatha. Tabatha told Brigg she'd have been better off eating a hot dog and watching her model for 30 minutes. WHAT WAS BRIGG THINKING GOING UP AGAINST TABATHA?! Tabatha would beat the infamous rapper Eminem in a battle of words. Brian, Janine and Jon soar above the competition with beautifully manicured hair that would make a bride happy! The winner ... Brian! He will receive immunity next week and he WILL need it. With only seven stylists left, the competition will only get more intense. Every advantage counts. Who goes home? Adee—finally. Although I'm not an Adee fan, I thought Brigg should have went home on this challenge. Although his hair was average, Brigg's was pathetic.

On to the fun stuff ...

With the Oscars right around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to make my own predictions about nominations. And the nominees are...

1.) Most likely to have photograph describing the word "Foolywang" in the urban dictionary? Brigg

2.) Best supporting actress for "Foolywang"? Adee

3.) Most likely to get bleach in eye or put foot in mouth? Brian

4.) Most likely to end up in Vegas married to a woman, therefore having his "gay card" revoked? Sexy Jon

5.) Most likely to give themselves an Oscar? Matthew

6.) Most likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia? The Judges

Random rant 1,2,3 GO!

I leave you with these parting words. To raise your awareness so you never offend. The definition of "Foolywang" from the Urban Dictionary.

*Foolywang: an adjective or adverb used to describe senselessness or something lacking logic. Basically things that don't make no damned sense. Someone, or the act of something utterly wack, foolish or ridiculous.

More dish next week. Stay tuned as the saga continues.


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